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Yoga teacher training Thailand

yoga teacher training chiang mai

Xhale Yoga Retreat & Teacher Training in Pai, Thailand
Over one thousand satisfied students have experienced our teaching

Why people prefer our course
Pai Valley has been playing host to Xhale Yoga Retreat & Teacher training for over eight years of successful training holding throughout the year. Our success strategy is working with smaller, trainable groups of up to 18 participants. That is biting what we can adequately chew with sparkling results as it affords us to monitor and manage each student’s performance.

The focal point of our training and teaching is on purification and inner peace. Our training is a self-awaken and holistic approach to life where you will find internal peace to build a holistic lifestyle that will permeate your entire being. Attending Xhale Yoga Retreat is life transforming, helping you to be the real person you have always wanted to be – focused, healthy, sociable, happy, career success and happy relationship; a life free of toxic in every respect!

Our environment is chosen on purpose! Our location at Pai Valley is not an accident; we are here for its natural splendor. Its natural attractions provide serene mountains for bikers, climbers, and walkers. The woodland and waterfall are life-forces for nature lovers and explorer, while Pai’s hot spring provides the resource to soak away in beneficial mineral for vitality. Our training teaches life in its purest, and so are Pai valley natural resources for calm and bliss providing a getaway place from the confusion of the modern world.

5 Explosive Nights of Medication and Yoga Retreat
If it’s your first time in yoga and needs a quick catch up, the five nights provide powerful immersion from skilled instructors to immerse you in the calmness of yoga tradition, awaken your inner spirit and build the amazing confidence of ages.

yoga teacher training thailand

Yoga Teacher Training Chiang Mai
Yoga TTC aims to develop your Yoga teaching skills. So if you are looking for a yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai, we are your best shot.

Who is the yoga TTC course for?
The TTC course is for people who want to have more knowledge and go deeper in yoga for personal growth or for the hope of becoming a yoga teacher in future. The course emphasizes care and quality in teaching, listening to your own body, sense of compassion for yourself and others, guiding without interfering, and experimental approach. With this course, you will learn about the yoga philosophy and history, breath practices, meditation techniques, and most importantly you will have an ethical awareness to support your growth and bring harmony in your daily life.

When it comes to yoga, it not how strong or flexible we are. Yoga is more than just Asanas; they are a tool that is used to control our minds. The mind work and discipline that comes with yoga is the difficult part. It is very essential that we understand that we understand that yoga is a non-stop learning and development process and the TTC is just a step to deepen your knowledge in yoga. So if you are ready to work hard with discipline, you are highly welcome to join us. Xhale Yoga retreat is registered with yoga alliance.
Yoga teacher training Thailand with Xhale Yoga, Pai

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