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Yoga certification Bali & Thailand




The course will allow students to practice a broad range of Hatha yoga, meditation techniques, philosophical and ethical advice, yogic diet and purification exercises in order to discover what yoga is all about.  Through training, students will start incorporating daily routines and experience a chosen lifestyle that will bring about comprehensive changes.  Students will quickly form insight and confidence to help others as well as themselves.


Alignment Training:


Every technique taught in the class is to correct physical alignment, variations, prop support, mental focus along with health benefits and increased energy.  This is hands-on training for alignment and correct positioning.  This is also an introduction into Thai-Yoga massage that will build confidence for working safely with other people’s bodies while firmly appreciating correct posture.




Instructors will empower students to obtain the required skills to work with while instructing yoga to their students.  This will include holding space, leadership qualities and voice training.  This will transform graduates into inspirational teachers.


Personal Guidance:


This is an atmosphere that feels like a family.  The group is small which offers individuals personal assistance on all levels.  You will be given one-on-one conversations with experienced teachers to help reveal your hidden potential.  The combination of accessibility to teachers and a home atmosphere turns the group into a family-like setting.  Due to the dedication of your head teachers and open availability, you will transformed from student to teacher in a very profound way.


Your Instructors:


The course is mostly taught by the founders of the Akasha Yoga Academy, Kirsten Reiss and Burkhard Langemann.  Due to the small size of the group and outstanding, knowledgeable instructors, you will receive personalized guidance and individual support.  Due to both instructors extensive knowledge and experience with yoga, you will discover a new world of enlightenment, yogic understanding and transform into a great teacher for others.


Through instructor enthusiasm and inspirational surroundings, you will discover deep transformations which makes this Teacher Training Course a very unique, life-changing journey.  This intensive, full-time program is accompanied by lush, tropical surroundings that will help you evolve to higher aspirations and life-long understandings.


Serene and Clean surroundings

When you practice Yoga in a natural and wonderful atmosphere in the tropical area of Koh Phangan, it feels like paradise. A beautiful blend of beaches, waterfalls, forests, ocean along with the friendly locals among the international Yoga community, you will feel relaxed and interested in taking part in the Yoga sessions that we conduct.

The venue would be Ubud, a cultural place in the famous island of Bali. Here, there is a diverse landscape along with black and white colored beaches between volcanic mountains with lush forests and a culturally rich and diverse atmosphere. The people of Bali are very accommodating and they are hearty towards the international Yoga community.


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Yoga certification Bali & Thailand