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Tantra Ibiza, Bali

tantra ibiza, bali

It is an honor to meet you!
I am Sofia Sundari, and my life has been devoted to providing guidance to people, so they can recollect how beautiful, influential and innocent the essence of their eroticism truly is.
I have mastered the art of love and sexuality, and I serve as a tantra mentor and a tantra educator.

A lot of people assume that I am about excessive sexual indulgence or I try to convince people that there is another alternate reality different from the one you are currently experiencing….all these are misguided assumptions.
In truth, I give people an opportunity to see the world as it should be, beyond the limits set by others.
I encourage people to break down the barriers, in the form of beliefs, erected by society which has put us in a kind of bondage. By defining what life is, how our relationships should be, and our sexual orientation, a lot of people have blindly followed these beliefs while never questioning if this is really what is meant for them.

I provide you with an area where you do not feel any reproach about the darkness in your heart, but you can channel it to serve as a fuel to your light. This creates a situation where your spirituality and sexuality are in harmony.
You are not broken so I do not see you as such, all you need is guidance as you set out portray your grandeur to the world.
With enough room to yourself, you can drop the farce and show your true nature to everyone.
I have visited a lot of places around the world during my travels and have had the opportunity to shepherd a lot of people on their journey to rediscovering their inner love. I established the Priestess School as a place where women who are willing can get enlightened and awakened by engaging in practices and thorough study of womanhood. I also host the Sacred Feminine Immersion which is an event where women can meditate and discover more about their femininity and its sacred values. This event holds annually in Bali. I also developed Yoni Yoga which is an online platform where women can release their erotic nature. As a writer, I have authored two books and also created an online course titled; Tantra Your Initiation into Sacred Sexuality. I have also organized workshops on Gift of Love.
You can download my free eBook, Your Orgasmic Guide, to get first-hand knowledge of what you will gain.

Choosing either Ibiza or Bali, you can gain full access to Tantra courses, retreats, yoni egg training and couple training available in these locations. Our priestess school is also open to all females.

Private Tantra Retreat

Undergoing a 3-5 days Tantric immersion under the tutelage of Sofia Sundari is best if you wish to have great attention as you work on yourself.

To develop into who you want to be, I will map out a program which involves Taoist and Tantric practices which best suit your necessity at the point you are in life.
If you wish to have a private retreat, we have a villa in Bali or Ibiza for this occasion. If you feel you will be more comfortable in another location, you can get in touch, and we will make arrangements for your needs. It does not matter if you are in a relationship or you are single, the retreats have the same impact on everyone.

Tantra ibiza, bali