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Koh Phangan Restaurant


Evolution Yogi Cafe – Koh Phangan Restaurant

Located in Koh Phangan, Thailand, the Evolution Yogi Café offers vegetarian and vegan restaurant specialties to people who appreciate nutritious and mindful meals every day. Every dish offered provides a unique nutritional experience that invigorates the body and pleases the palate. This restaurant views food as nature’s perfect source of energy and develops vague and vegetarian meals, desserts, and beverages to provide it in the most delicious way possible. The colorful local ingredients combine with unique flavors popular in the Koh Phangan, Thailand region to deliver a culinary experience unlike any you can find elsewhere in the world.

Shaucha: Purity of body, speech, and mind as recognized by yogic masters.

Our menu at the Evolution Yogi Café reflects our belief that this Shaucha benefits health and full body and mind wellness. All fresh food is prepared in the restaurant and no artificial or processed ingredients are ever used. We never add extra sugar or MSG. A considerable amount of time and care goes into choosing the best ingredients. Occasionally we source them farther afield when the most accessible ones are not up to our quality requirements. Click here to explore Evolution’s full menu.

Our approach to purity and mindful eating is outlined in the Healthy Evolution Journal. Our latest post follows Sara, the Yogi nutritionist, as she explains proper health and well-being. She also answers many questions that visitors ask about the food, the flavors, nutrition, and the complete Evolution experience.


Heart & Soul nutritionist Sara also runs Food Evolution Nutrition Workshops every week in our facility. She provides hands-on training to encourage the use of fresh and natural food and explores its benefits. Learn how to evolve your health through proper food choices.

Workshops run for four consecutive Fridays. Each class lasts two hours and includes a lecture, hands-on experience, group discussion, and a healthy and scrumptious sample of Evolution Yogi Café offerings.

Koh Phangan in Thailand:

The moment you arrive in Koh Phangan, Thailand, you will feel transported to not only a gorgeous tropical island but also a place of unique possibilities. This island’s magic has become synonymous with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. On one side, Full Moon parties delight visitors, while the other side offers Sri Thanu with its powers of personal evolution and a virtually endless list of opportunities designed for personal growth.
Experience amazing synchronicities, meet perfect strangers and quickly become lifelong friends, wonder at the wild beauty of both beaches and lush jungles. Explore all the possibilities available to transform yourself inside and out. Then stop in at our vegan restaurant to enjoy the best in fresh, wholesome, and delicious vegetarian dishes in Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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