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Eco village Costa Rica

St Michael’s Eco village Costa Rica

St Michael’s Eco Village in Costa Rica has amenities like Rain Water collection roofs, Edible landscaping, Energy Star A/C powered by hydroelectricity. You have a personal nature reserve which is 15m away from the stream.


Living roof Homes in Eco Villa

Living roof homes are designed to stand for centuries of years to come. These homes feature cooling which is absolutely free. They also have all 21st century utilities that make life enjoyable. The eco-system was taken into consideration when these homes were being built, as they are wedged in by gardens and trees.

eco village costa rica farms for sale

Available Estates

We allow you to choose the way you want to build your home in our community. We understand the importance of planning in leading a meaningful life. In our Eco Villa community, we have zero tolerance for waste, so we use a good bunch of our time planning. We believe in sustainability. Our philosophy is a sustainable community that breeds healthy individuals, strong children, and a safe planet. We try to create a peaceful and environmentally friendly atmosphere, without offsetting our desire for comfort. Some homes in our community have rainwater systems. Though such water isn’t used for cooking or drinking. If you are a nature lover, you are sure going to have an awesome time in our community. Every single home has an excellent ocean view, and also gardens

Our Disc Golf club

In a bid to create a sustainable environment, we came up with a 18 Hole PDGA championship Disc Golf course. It is similar to conventional golf; only this time you use a disc to throw into the hole. We avoid the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides in maintaining our golf course. This is because our golf course produces organic food.

Sustainable living

No matter how good and innovative a solution might be, it must contribute immensely in creating a sustainable environment and society. When designing a solution to a problem, the first question that needs be answered is: Will our action make the world a better place, or will it leave it worse than it was before. It isn’t enough to eliminate a problem, value must be created.




Food forest and edible landscaping

We believe that the secret to a healthy community is healthy food. Some of our food is taken from the forest very close to a fresh water spring. Everywhere within our community, you will find terrace gardens and swales that trap rain water and send it straight to the ground. The best form of garden is a forest, because it has no need for fertilizer, pesticides, watering and so on. In so doing, we create a healthy soil. Our soils boast of great harvest annually. For instance, our soil yields 5 tons of mangos every year. Other than mango, there are still many more variety of fruits that we produce. On every property that is landscaped, you will find assorted fruits like pineapples, bananas, plantain, oranges lemons, papaya, turmeric, ginger, teas, edible flowers, katuk, yucca, and more.

Permaculture Country club:

Every now and then, our agriculturists meet in the Permaculture Country club. In so doing, they share their experiences with others. In times past, we have played host to farmers, biologists, interns, volunteers, permaculturists, and Agriculutral College Students from every corner of the world. Our teaching programs are based on sustainability which enable agriculturists to operate their farms through the use of organic materials.

Regenerative agriculture

A good agriculture system should be able to grow sufficient food through the use of scarce resources, without causing any damage to the soil, and also solving carbon problems. Our philosophy is: Healthy soil breeds healthy food, which in turn makes people healthy.

We employ different techniques that promote nutrient retention, and inhibit the development of pests and crop diseases. Most of our farming activities are majorly organic in nature. This means synthetic agricultural inputs are not allowed on our farm.

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