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Detox in Thailand

Detox Thailand

Types of accommodation to expect at the ideal Detox resort in Thailand

If you are considering visiting a wellness of healthy living style resort, there are a few factors that you will want to consider when it comes to making a decision regarding which one is going to best for you and your needs. The programs offered, will be a big factor and will usually include such areas as detox and fasting, yoga and meditation. Another factor that you will want to put some thought into is the type of accommodation in which you will be staying. Many of the best resorts are right on the beach and therefore typical beachfront accommodation includes bungalows and basic wooden huts. Most resorts including Ananda wellness resort have different options in order to suit different budgets and requirements.

 Standard Fan Room

The standard fan room is very typical budget accommodation. Having only a fan can be a struggle for some people during the peak of the hot season but being right beside the ocean means that you will often get a breeze. Also the resort swimming pool offers the ideal place to freshen up and there is also the sea, in which you can take a dip. Wherever a fan room is offered there is normally a slightly pricier alternative that includes air-con.


To really take advantage of your beachfront location, a bungalow is the perfect accommodation and at Ananda wellness resort they are elevated to provide the best possible views.

Preparing to Cleanse

Before embarking on a cleanse, it is a good idea to prepare your body by gradually reducing your toxic intake and starting to alkalize your body. Attempting a cleanse without any preparation can bring about an accelerated elimination of toxins. Sometimes called a healing crisis, this can lead a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fever, dizziness and headache. Always spend at least a few days, and preferably two weeks if your lifestyle is generally unhealthy, preparing for any cleanse.

During your pre-cleanse, you want to reduce your intake of acidic foods and toxins. Gradually eliminate alcohol, caffeine, sugar, refined carbohydrates, added salt, greasy foods, meat, dairy and processed foods. Try gradually cutting back on these thing during the first week of your pre-cleanse so as to avoid withdrawal symptoms. During the second week of your pre-cleanse, you should eliminate these things as much as possible. Doing this will reduce symptoms such as inability to think clearly, irritability, fatigue, breakouts and rashes, and those symptoms associated with a healing crisis. As you get over some of the symptoms of withdrawal, you may find you have clearer thinking, improved focus and increased energy.

If it seems that most of the foods you enjoy are out during your pre-cleanse, there are some foods that are really beneficial and will help support your system during this time. Some of the best foods to eat during a pre-cleanse are:
• Fruits, especially pineapple,
• Vegetables,
• Juice and Broths,
• Nuts and seeds,
• Brown rice,
• Salads, and
• Cold-pressed olive oil.

Also consider adding in a few super-foods. Super-foods are particularly nutrient-dense and their nutrients are especially easily absorbed and assimilated. Super-foods are also good for enhancing nutrition, supporting the immune system and raising energy levels, all of which makes them great for a cleanse. Some good super-foods to consider include aloe vera, algae (such as spirulina), wheatgrass, goji berries, and bee pollen. Or do a little research into super-foods to find out which ones are especially suited to your goals.

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